Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood Neighbourhood Forum

We can…

Under the Localism Act, communities are encouraged to get involved with local issues, making it easier for them to get things done and achieve their ambitions for the place where they live.  Neighbourhood planning gives communities, residents and businesses, a set of tools for local people, and direct power to develop a shared positive vision for their neighbourhood.

What can we do?

We can engage with the MULTIPLE Local Authorities that meet here!  We can bring together transport, security and the environment into our plan, along with protecting local open spaces and assets. We can put together a plan which looks at the priorities and character of our area.  We can bid and work together to get better funding and set priorities for small and big local community projects.

Video about Neighbourhood Planning here.   Guidance Neighbourhood planning here

The Forum is for us all. Please get involved!

Find out more on our website and make your views count via the questionnaire:

Please get in touch if you would like to get more involved or can help in any way with reaching everyone in the area.


This is a temporary holding page for CPneighbours.  A new community web site is to follow, to include a free online directory for the area, for all community groups, traders and businesses, and the web site will have information on Neighbourhood Planning.  If you would like to get involved with this initiative, please email the team at

Why have a Cross Border Neighbourhood Forum?

  • It’s a golden opportunity for the varied and diverse community of Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood to come together, and enables the whole community to play a much stronger role in shaping their area.
  • No one knows this area better than the people who live and work in it, so we should be the ones to shape how it should develop. We can help identify local need that makes sense for local people.
  • Instead of being the forgotten outer edge of multiple local boroughs, lets have our say in being the centre!


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