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Crystal Palace Area Local Police Teams and Contact Information

For reporting all emergencies  – Call 999

Reporting non-emergencies to the Police:

  • Call 101
  • Tweet to @metcc – add details like a photo, date, time, place, and if issue is ongoing (can be a private message).
  • Reporting online: 

MAJOR CHANGES (12th February 2018)

The Metropolitan Police Service has announced changes to the way local policing is delivered in London through the introduction of Basic Command Units (BCUs).  A BCU is a larger police command unit that will replace the Met’s current 32 borough model, by merging local policing in boroughs to form 12 Basic Command Units (BCU). The roll-out across London will be staggered over the next 12 months.

Crystal Palace will be where *three* Basic Command Units (BCUs) all meet… as follows:
1) BCU – Bromley, Croydon, Sutton
2) BCU – Lambeth, Southwark
3) BCU – Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham

Your Local Police Team and Activities

Upper Norwood Police (Croydon)
Tweets: @MPSUpperNorwood
Facebook: @MPSUpperNorwood 
Web site:
(note, this map today, has not yet been updated for including part of the old “Crystal Palace Triangle Team” area).

South Norwood Police (Croydon)
Tweets: @MPSSouthNorwood
Web site:

Gipsy Hill Police  (Lambeth)
Tweets: @MPSGipsyHill
Web site:
0208 721 2617 (Diverts to mobile)

Dulwich Wood (Southwark) formally known as “College” 
Tweets: @MPSDulwichWood
Web site:

Crystal Palace Police  (Bromley)
Tweets: @MPSCrystalP
Web site:

Sydenham Police (Lewisham)
Tweets: @MPSSydenham
Web site:

Penge and Cator Police (Bromley)
Tweets: @MPSPengeCator
Web site:

Crystal Palace Triangle Team
…this cross border team is now no longer, and has been absorbed into Upper Norwood Team as one team in order to align resources and help tackle crime in both areas.  As I understand, Upper Norwood Team will not overlap with any other police SNT area.   This is no longer a dedicated “cross border” operating police team in Crystal Palace.


Stats and prevention advice

For each Police team below, you can “view on map” to see their area and see “Stats and prevention advice” and crime hotspots.  Follow this link to Subscribe to your Police newsletter for latest news for your area.  Meeting your Police Team is as easy as a cup of coffee in your local cafe.  Check your Police Team online for their tweets and local meeting updates.

Crime Map for wider Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood area (or in 1mile radius).
This mapping may no longer be supported by the Police, and occasionally crashes, or needs to the page refreshed. It shows some of the overall crime stats in the area. Click on map…

Report of all crime by crime types in this area, by location, for 12 months ending June 2018 and breakdown by crime type and month below: