Thames Water agrees, Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood has “above average levels of burst frequency when compared with other areas of South London”, as well as having many issues from low pressure, and times of no water.  This is partly from our historic old pipe work, limited pipe replacement planning, but also as we have TWO huge water reservoirs located up here (serving huge parts of South London) and with extremely complex local pumping demands.


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Remember to zoom into the map to see all the pins. Check the red header bar for multiple messages, and for updates .  For major bursts, or no water, or low water periods, then street standpipes and/or bottled water suppliers may be provided.  You MUST check for updates to see the locations of emergency local water supplies using the post code checker, or Thames Water via facebook or Twitter.

Thames Water also offers Extra Care Services free services for customers who require additional assistance, including delivering water (click here for guide)Contact: 0800 009 3652 . But, lines are only open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Alternatively email 
More info on Thames Water click here Priority Services guidance.

Your can report a range of problems to Thames Water.  Eg. A leak or burst pipe. An issue at one of our sites such an alarm, an accident, or an intruder. Noisy or missing manhole covers.  Click to…

**When reporting via twittertweet @thameswater using the hashtag #tweetaleak
and add address with postcode and photo.  Always ask for a reference number to track and chase up on a leak.

Responsibility for water pipes – When your water supply has a leak guidance from Thames Water here.


Thames Water link for
and understanding your rights to gain ££ compensation, e.g for:

  • Interruptions to your water supply
  • Low pressure

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Contact listings at Thames Water click here: 
(includes other useful contacts). Contact via email


Make a complaint to Consumer Council for Water (CCW). They are the Water Watchdog, representing all water users in England and Wales.  Click here to Make a complaint

Also, there are many local Cllrs and local MPs in regular contact with Thames Water around Crystal Palace.

Find your local Crystal Palace area elected representative by clicking the map, or here.

Any questions or suggestions?  Contact cpneighbours on