We are the World Cup Champions of South London Parks!  Crystal Palace Park is South London’s favourite park in the Cup of Parks tournament, after WEEKS of heats involving 32 parks and quarter finals and semi finals… Crystal Palace Park won the World Cup Finals on August 8th against Tooting Common!


HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who voted, and all community groups, all the park an NSC groups, and friends and families and traders from all around Crystal Palace and Penge and locally and across London and worldwide… and thank you to all the epic CPFC supporters here and abroad who joined in too… for ONE LOVE for CRYSTAL PALACE PARK!

So many people to thank in the World Cup campaign journey… especially the amazingly dedicated twitter stars at @cpdinosaurs and @cpfunrunners and ShopSE19 and @CrystalPalacePK and @cpp_friends and @CPFestivalUK and local many more local heroes and our local cross border MPs (for added finals boost), all the Palace supporters, and special thanks for Penge’s Stitch to Stitch who converted a concept into campaign (and now Champion) T-Shirts overnight!

CRYSTAL PALACE has won not just any cup… its a World Champions Cup of South London Parks!  Crystal Palace can proudly claim they are South London’s favourite park 2020!  Trophy

Many new friends to many park “friends of” groups have been made along this journey, with many discovering new parks or re-discovering familiar parks. Follow @CupOfParks to discover all these amazing green spaces in South London.  The event has been a Summer sensation! Each heat was fought as a 24hrs Twitter Poll, with the dates of each new round kept secret until the day before keeping all park groups on nervous standby!
Runners Up!
HUGE SPECIAL THANK YOU to @TootingCommon! It was a fantastic final, thrilling all the way!  They put an amazing show of collective support… from Streatham Common to Battersea and from Sadiq Khan!  AND HUGE THANK YOU TO @tootingnewsie who has something extra special for the winners… in this post match video.. 

After the final whistle we caught up with a disappointed @MickyJohnWalker who had this to say, using as many football manager cliches as he could think of…

He’s right! With the Palace kick off at 7pm Friday night, at the start of the second half at just after 7am Saturday morning, there was less than 500 votes in it after 8,654 votes between Crystal Palace and Tooting!


But… Crystal Palace supporters came back stronger and faster on Saturday morning… to win by 61.4%.

Overall, this World Cup journey was summed up by @CupOfParks and the board of the governing body here at the Federation dé South London Parks Association

And summed up… by the Crystal Palace Bowl team…

The Cup!

13th June – the Tooting donated World Cup ARRIVES at Crystal Palace!


15th August – the World Cup of South London Parks came to Crystal Palace!  Vanessa made the historic presentation to CP Dinosaurs, the Friends of Crystal Palace Parks, and Crystal Palace Fun Runners and CP Neighbours!

…and World Cup Tour of Crystal Palace begun…

The World Cup Flag for CP Park!

AT LAST! We have worthy flag to create… to hoist high and proud at the top of Crystal Palace Park, by Vicars Oak meeting place.  WATCH THIS SPACE for a mini flag pole restoration project and flag design event!

The World Cup Champions Journey!

4th June 2020The Launch!
16th June 2020The Fixtures!
28th June 2020  – Early Rounds – Beckenham Place Pk v’s Crystal Palace Pk 

17th July 2020 – Early Rounds – Dulwich Pk v’s Crystal Palace Pk

28th July 2020 – Quarter Finals – Crystal Palace Pk v’s Hillside Garden Pk

3rd August 2020 – Semi Finals – Brockwell Pk v’s Crystal Palace Pk

7th August 2020 – The Finals – Crystal Palace v’s Tooting Common

Special Mention Goes To…

Goes to Streatham Common for their Semi Finals against Richmond Park.  An epic contest, with Richmond, (backed by @TheRoyalParks twitter account) leading well into the final 23rd hour of the heat…

…then team Streatham rallied supporters to win in the closing minutes!

 NEWS FLASH!  Crystal Palace Park has DONE IT AGAIN!
After whole London parks competition, on  4 Nov 2020…. 
🏆 The WINNER of the is Crystal Palace Park!  🏆
Crystal Palace Park and its epic community groups are 2020 DOUBLE World Cup Champions!

Keep following @CupOfParks for details of the next tournaments!
To learn more about Crystal Palace Park click here: crystalpalacepark.org.uk


HUGE THANK YOU to @CupOfParks for allowing ALL the South London parks to showcase and discover what makes them spacial… and to allow us spotlight on their local communities that make them even more special!  To all on the board of the governing @CupOfParks body at the Federation dé South London Parks Association… you have made ALL of SOUTH LONDON REALLY PROUD about their local green spaces and parks!