For all those who suffer form ponding at the bottom of Central Hill and Crown Dale (near Elder Road junction), the current ponding issues have been established as principally a Lambeth street cleaning issue of the gullies there.

HUGE thank you to Helen Hayes MP for her work escalating this matter with Lambeth. Special thanks to Croydon who found the plans that proves this section of the cross border road is a mostly a Lambeth ‘adopted highway’ (with Croydon cleaning the footway on their side at this location).  Following Helen’s intervention Lambeth will need to improve the street cleaning here.  Lambeth Council Officers are planning to improve co-ordination with their opposites in Croydon Council, who share responsibility for the maintenance of the site.  Thanks to Knight’s Hill Ward Cllrs for help with the ongoing street cleaning checks.

And thanks for Thames Water to manage the survey work to assesses the drain capacity after rainfall at this site. They reported “The hydraulic flooding occurs when the gullies become blocked with leaves and other debris, causing excess water to pool at this location“.  Below shows Lambeth adopted highway (Orange), and Croydon (Mauve) areas that this cross border site:


Thank you to Veolia for cleaning.   An all round team effort!

But.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… if you see leaf fall accumulating here… report to clean asap. Leaf fall after rain can suddenly build up very quickly.  Email Lambeth here… for cleaning Crown Dale, and Croydon for cleaning Central Hill via app or call. Highway contacts for all the boroughs that meet at Crystal Palace is here:

UPDATE.  Sadly, after a few years of less severe flooding, the bad flooding re-started in November 2022.  This was investigated by Helen Hayes MP, and following was identified:

  • ponding/flooding was caused by leaves blocking the main highway gullies (drains).
  • All gullies were unblocked and jet washed.
  • One gullies had collapsed and reported to Lambeth Highways.
  • Gully crew to visit this location fortnightly to inspect the gullies and ensure that beanie kerbs are not blocked.
  • Croydon council shares the maintenance responsibilities in this area, in particular they are responsible for sweeping the pavement where a large build-up of leaves and sediment exists.
  • Lambeth to re-engage with the Croydon Council to ensure that channels are swept and to establish their maintenance regime for Crown Dale and Central Hill to reduce the potential for blockages on Lambeth’s drains at this cross border location.

Helen has explained that there has been a reduction in the frequency that the councils are cleaning the storm gullies and improved joined-up approach to flood prevention and highway maintenance is needed. She has asked for a joined-up approach to be adopted to prevent further flooding in the future.

6th Nov 2022


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