Lambeth has taken the decision to proceed with Quietway 7 from Thurlow Park to Gipsy Hill (see December 2017 decision details).  This will link with Southwark’s Q7 route to Crystal Palace.  There is now the statutory consultation with Traffic order notices (as seen pts-quietway-7) and on some Lamp posts running from 16th February 2018 until 12th March 2018**

Details of the designs are here and summary below:-

  1. Turney Road  Current proposal
  2. Rosendale Road / Turney Road Current proposal
  3. Rosendale Rd to Thurlow Park Road Current proposal
  4. Rosendale Rd/Thurlow Park Road (TfL Scheme) Current proposal
  5. Rosendale Road Shops (Thurlow Park Road to Park Hall Road) Current proposal
  6. Rosendale Road / Park Hall Road Current proposal
  7. Rosendale Road to Tritton Road Current proposal
  8. Clive Road to Hamilton Road Current proposal
  9. Paxton Place / Gipsy Road / Gipsy Hill Current proposal
  10. Gipsy Hill Current proposal

Subject to objections and other representations resulting from the statutory consultation, the timetabled process has Scheme Construction due to begin April 2018, and construction completed October 2018.

How to be comment

(**) Lambeth Quietway contact here is

(**) Lambeth Traffic Orders – Quietway 7 – Proposed Traffic Orders, Road Humps and Pedestrian Crossings in various roads – 16/02/2018 

  • 7. To arrange inspection of the orders please telephone 020 7926 0209 or email: 
  • 8. All objections and other representations relating to the proposed Orders, road humps or crossings must be made in writing and all objections must specify the grounds on which they are made and should be sent to Barbara Poulter, Highways and Enforcement Group, London Borough of Lambeth, 5th Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP,  by 12th March 2018. Any objection may be communicated to, or be seen by, other persons who may have an interest in this matter.  

(**) Lambeth Lamp posts Orders – Read carefully the signs:-

Current proposal for Hamilton Road, Paxton Place, Gipsy Road, Gipsy Hill


Southwark’s Quietway Link Gipsy Hill to Crystal Palace

A more suitable route for the Quietway would avoid the use of Gipsy Hill and link in to London Cycle Network on Dulwich Wood Avenue, tying in to the existing cycle infrastructure to the north and east of the roundabout at the north of Gipsy HillDetails of External Stakeholder Feedback.

Lambeth response:

One of the main issues raised was that a more suitable route for the Quietway would avoid the use of Gipsy Hill and link in to the London Cycle Network on Dulwich Wood Avenue, tying in to the existing cycle infrastructure to the north and east of the roundabout. The borough recognises these concerns and agrees this is a desirable connection. We are working with Southwark and Transport for London to explore the feasibility of linking between the northern sections of Gipsy Hill and Dulwich Wood Avenue without reducing the level of service for pedestrian at the bus stop on the southern side of the roundabout. While this is under investigation, we believe the improvements to Gipsy Hill offer a significant safety benefit to all road users (pedestrians, drivers and cyclists) and are worthwhile proceeding with.

Responders raised concerns over the location of retained parking, specifically over whether the parking should be retained on the east or west of Gipsy Hill. It is considered slower moving cycles travelling southbound (uphill) would benefit more from an advisory cycle lane, than people on cycles travelling northbound (downhill), where it is anticipated they are more likely to travel at the speed of general traffic.

The introduction of waiting restrictions and marked parking bays will require a reduction in parking provision of approximately 110 metres (around 20 on-street spaces). An on-street parking survey indicates there is sufficient parking capacity for local residents during the evening and overnight period, most of the on-street parking at this location is used by commuters travelling from Gipsy Hill station.

The Approved Costs

£1,010,000  for initiatives in Thurlow Park and Gipsy Hill to enhance facilities not only for people that cycle, but also for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. 





*04 is Constructed by TfL

Quietway7 Planning /History

“Quietways is a network of high quality, well signed cycle routes throughout London, mostly using backstreets. The routes will link key destinations and are designed to appeal to new and existing  people that cycle who want to use quieter, low-traffic routes.”

Opportunity to comment on draft designs were made in 2017 in workshops and meetings. See for full details of the proposed design, that covers the Lambeth route in both Thurlow Park Ward and Gipsy Hill Ward.  The design proposals are in two parts: 01-05 and 06-10.  Southwark are expecting Quietway 7 cycle route via Dulwich Wood Avenue, connecting with Crystal Palace. Feedback from this design review will inform a future statutory public consultation on the Lambeth section, that’s expected early in the new year.  The proposed detailed design at Gipsy Hill is here: 2017-Design-Pack Pages 06-to-10 (GIPSY HILL PAGES) .   

Quietway7 links a cycle route from Elephant & Castle (E&C) with Crystal Palace, and was routed by TfL to be via Dulwich Village, West Norwood (Thurlow Park Road), Gipsy Hill and then Crystal Palace (via Farquhar Road).

The route from E&C southbound is in Southwark (to Dulwich) then is in Lambeth (Turney Road, Rosendale Road/Thurlow Park Road, Hamilton Road, to Gipsy Hill), then goes back into Southwark (from Gipsy Hill to Crystal Palace).  Southwark had their part of the quietway consultation approved.

Lambeth delayed their decision to June 2017, and was then subsequently “called in” as there were widespread concerns from both the local community and cycling groups for parts of the route. Three cycling groups objected to the proposed “advisory cycle lane” design along Gipsy Hill. 70% of overall respondents objected to the the proposed design on Gipsy Hill.

2017 Engagements:
Lambeth engagement with revised designs for their part of the route, with a new consultation process made id September.

Events / Workshops:

Gipsy Hill Ward Meeting
Thursday 24th August 2017, 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Hear from the designers and feed in views, over 3  three slots.

1.        6.00pm – 6.40pm
2.        6.40pm – 7.20pm
3.        7.20pm – 8.00pm
If possible, please indicate what time you may arrive by e-mailing Luke on so that we can have an idea of numbers for each group.
Where: Emmanuel Church and Community Centre, 96 Clive Rd, West Dulwich, London, SE21 8BU
For more info, see: Quietways.pdf  

Thurlow Park Ward Meeting
Monday 14th August 2017 at 6-8pm
– All Saints Church, Rosendale Road
– A chance to sit down 1-to-1 with the Quietways designers to raise individual concerns about the designs. Turn up any time within the two hours.

Quietway 7 Lambeth proposal that was “called-in” :
Quietway 7 – Elephand Castle to Crystal Palace – Decision Report – 12 June 2017
Appendix B – Quietway 7 – detailed designs  and responses (Gipsy Hill pages: 23, 46-49)

Thurlow Park Ward Cllr updates:

London Cycling Design Standards – what are quietways (page 15):

TfL Quietway 7 Programme (Elephant & Castle to Crystal Palace) – Proposed changes in Lambeth – West Dulwich area 

Any questions or suggestions?  Contact cpneighbours on