Southwark Consultations:

What do you think about community pharmacies in Southwark (Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment)?
As part of the engagement process, Southwark council is conducting a survey to better understand local people’s views on the pharmacy services locally. Pharmacies provide over the counter medicines as well as those that your GP prescribes.   What do value, or need, from your local pharmacy if you live in Southwark (where residents can be dependent of pharmacy services provided in neighboring boroughs).  The online survey closes on 13th of August 2017.

Disabilities Hub’ for people in Southwark
A change is being proposed to the way people with disabilities access support in Southwark. This will see the development of an accessible Hub, to provide information, advice and care and support to individuals whose lives are affected by disability and a change to day centre services in Southwark.  Closes 7 Aug 2017

New Southwark Plan
Consultation update: consultation on a set of new and amended policies, site allocation and a new area vision for Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill for the New Southwark Plan. Consultation closes 13 September

See open Southwark public consultations here:

Area Visions for Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill and Dulwich nsp-avsa-po-dulwich.pdf