There are LOTS of ways to be a local Street Champion!  Most councils will support you or local groups with litter pickers, bags, hoops, brooms, gloves etc. With five boroughs all meeting at Crystal Palace, it can be tricky to know where to start!  Many local groups already have shared equipment to help too.  Street Champions can…

  • Help create community gardens,
  • Clearing rubbish out of alley ways, litter-picking
  • Help build planters to prevent fly-tipping, greening local streets
  • Help organise community clean-ups and litter picks.
  • Help elderly neighbours tidy their front garden
  • Cutting back overgrown hedges
  • Do snow patrols to grit local paths

Local groups supporting street champions and greening projects…

Borough Support

Be a “Street Champion” in Lambeth. Very successful program supported by dedicated Veola team, including help building street planters and resolving long term issues with fly tipping.

Be a “Clean & Green Street Champion” in Croydon.  Provides help with litter picking and equipment.


Be a “Street Friend” in Bromley.

No “Street Champion” programme.


No “Street Champion” programme. Funds annual community projects (that could support local community projects)


Reporting of problems:

Any questions or suggestions?  Contact cpneighbours on